A Lesson in Waiting

“Stop striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted on the earth.” Psalm 46:10 NASB

We teach our children to be patient and to wait for things, sometimes just selfishly and sometimes for their benefit and training. Another reason we might teach them to wait is because we know that waiting has the potential to produce Godly character.

God wants us as His children to stop striving to please Him, stop working at doing, and BE STILL. When we are still, we are in a position where we can sit back and activate our minds to think on Him.

As we drove over 4,500 miles in 3 weeks last month, we were in a good position where we had this opportunity to “be still.” As we were sitting, our minds were engaged as our eyes were amazed at what we saw: God’s beauty on full display in His creation! (see media below)

Some of these images were just breathtaking and screamed out at us, “Who is the One so marvelous who created this (and us)!?”

It brought life to what Paul wrote in Romans 1:20 how creation itself is a testament to the glory of God. We often get too busy and we easily get distracted. We want to encourage you:

  • Whatever we are going through

  • However unstable our future seems

  • Despite how people are treating us

Our Father is saying, “STOP and REMEMBER who I AM.”


  • Praising the Lord for an amazing time out West and for safety as we drove over 4,500 miles! Thank you for your prayers!

  • Praise the LORD! We got a call from the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City, and we had an appointment on Wednesday June 7th. The kids are now dual citizens of the USA and Mexico! Thank you guys for your faithful prayers! Please be praying we can schedule a Mexican passport appointment for them before the end of the month.
  • Another Praise! We have a house already lined up for us when we get down there on July 9th! God has opened the door to house sit for a missionary family who is coming back to the United States for a 6 month home assignment, and they have asked if we would live in their house, adopt their dog, and jump on their trampoline for the 6 months they are gone! Plus their house is only a 5 minute walk to Coco’s school!
  • JJ had an eye appointment at the end of May and his eyes are good with a slight increase in prescription. The back of his eye around the macula is stable which is a huge answer to prayer! Whitney is able to see her doctor one more time before we head down South which is fantastic! Thank you for your prayers for our health!

  • Pray for people and churches to join us in what God is doing in Mexico. It is exciting to see God continue to provide for all our needs. We still need $1,700 of monthly financial partnerships to make it to our goal.

  • Pray for us this month as we start to say goodbye to friends and family here in the United States! It’s more of a see you later, but even still, this time can be difficult!

We are so thankful for you, our fellow teammates!         

Our Current Monthly Need: $1,700 Monthly 

Click here if you want to help: Fund Our Ministry

Thank you!  

  • To those of you who have known us our entire life

  • To those of you who have known us for a few years

  • To those of you whom we just met these past couple of months

Thank you for your faithful investment in our lives both individually and as a family. Thank you for your love, prayer, and support! 

It is a blessing to do life and ministry with you. It is a joy to live life with you even when we are miles apart!

As of today we are only 27 days away from when we are moving to MEXICO!

By July 9th we are hoping to be 100% funded and we still need $1,700 in monthly support.  A common question we get asked is “What is your most common monthly gift?”

That amount is between you and the Lord by what He lays on your heart. We believe that every contribution counts: $10, $20, $50, $100 or $500 per month, we value each and every gift as it enables us to fulfill our calling.

We are amazed by the generosity of those who have partnered with us so far, and we are excited to see how the Lord will continue to provide through willing hearts. If you know of others who might share our passion for God’s work, please connect them with us.

Together, we can make a impact in advancing His kingdom. Thank you for considering how you can contribute to this incredible journey. Let’s join hands and make a difference for God’s glory! 

  Thorns & Roses and MPD

We love that our kiddos get to be a part of what we are doing and share in this life with us. We have experienced both the good and the hard with the kids during this season. It is hard on them to be on the move so much:

  • traveling long hours in the car

  • seeing new people

  • being in new churches

  • not knowing exactly what boundaries are in each new place, etc.

The challenges are real. And as part of trying to help the kids (and ourselves), we have come up with a little thing we like to do daily. This debrief often centers around two questions we ask each other:

What was your ROSE of your day?

What was the THORN of your day?

It is neat to enter in and learn from each other as we get to hear and know each others’ perspective. Following up with the ‘why’ question allows us to peak into their little hearts. We are seeing how integral they are for us and for Him. We need each other!

  May’s Lessons…Be Real

Some of you might know what I’m talking about, others may not.  

A few months ago, we discovered this social media platform. It’s an app that encourages its users to post unpolished pictures at a surprise time each day without using any filters and without editing the picture.

In a world that is craving and using information, knowledge, and seeking  “genuineness,” this is supposed to fulfill that need.

Not to downplay or knock the app (we use it), BUT I was challenged the other day with the principle in the SPIRITUAL realm.

To be real!

And what does that look like?

I am in a relationship with God, the Father. I am in a battle with my flesh and the world, spoiler alert… We already know the victor! Yet, how often am I being real with my Father. How much does He know of my life from my relational talks with Him? How real am I with Him? He took on flesh to fully identify with me and He knows what I’m going through…He wants to hear from me and for me to be real with Him…no filters, no masks, no edits.  

  June WRAP-UP

June is here and this is the month when we officially say, “See you later” to all of our friends and family. With that said, we would love to see you one last time.

Follow this link to check out our calendar for dates, times, and locations of where we will be each Sunday leading up to our MOVE. If you are in the area, we would love to see you!

If you would like to contribute to our ministry by helping out with gas and/or hotel fees, please contact us. We want to say thank you for helping us expand our team so that we can move to Mexico next month! 

God has given us opportunities to BE His light:

  • He has given us opportunities for discipleship

  • He gave us opportunities for evangelism

  • He enabled our steps through the many miles traveled and people seen

  • He gives us daily opportunities to show His light and love to each other

Our  ETA to Chihuahua is…          July 9th!!!

We are moving to Mexico July 9th. Back in December when we finished us the Linguistics course, we penciled this date in our calendar, knowing that our timeline is often different than His timetable. It has been SO neat to see God providing for us in SO many ways to see this date become a reality! In late March, JJ’s parents graciously took a trailer of our belongings to Chihuahua, Mexico. We are excited to see them again so soon!

As part of planning in faith to be there in July, we have already reached out to the guest homes in both El Paso, Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico and have reserved rooms. Last update we stated that our first task will be to look for a house to stay in while we learn Spanish and the Mexican culture. Well, as we said earlier, God has already showed up and provided a house for us to stay in for the first 6 months of living in Mexico. Friends of ours reached out to us asking if we would like to house-sit for them while whey come back to the USA for a 6 month home assignment. We delightfully agreed, and it we are amazed by how ‘perfect’ this will be for us.

  • We can move in right when we get there
  • The house is a five minute walk from where Coco will go to Kindergarten
  • We get to watch a dog for 6 months! (A dog that is already trained nonetheless ;) )
  • The kids will enjoy a trampoline in the backyard

These are just some of the ways in which God has already gone ahead of us! We don’t deserve any of these good gifts, and we are in awe of His love.

  Mountains or City?

Once in Mexico, we will start studying Spanish in Chihuahua and start considering either the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains or a city for Tepehuan study and ministry.

Our long-term goal is to minister among the Tepehuan people who have their own language and culture. We believe that learning the language and culture of the host country, including Spanish and Mexican culture, is crucial. As we become fluent in Spanish, we trust that God will raise up a team, possibly even Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ, to join us in reaching the Tepehuan people. There are already other missionaries engaging with the Tepehuan people. 



In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the dynamic of indigenous communities. Many are now leaving their remote homes and moving to urban cities to find safer environments, stable employment, and opportunities for higher education. This is true for the Tepehuan people as well. We see this as an opportunity to meet them where they are, whether in the city or in the mountains.

JJ’s brother’s family is already ministering to over 500 to 1,000 Tepehuan people in the city of Chihuahua. We are considering partnering with them in this work.

However, we are also exploring ways to engage with the Tepehuan people who still live in remote areas of the mountains. 

Ultimately, our goal is to make God’s name known among the Tepehuan people, wherever they may be. We are seeking guidance and direction from the Lord as we consider our options. We trust that He will lead us to where we can best serve and support this community.

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