Budget Explanation

Salary 44%:

  • Living Expenses – personal living needs (groceries, toiletries, clothing, etc.)
  • Transportation – vehicle repair, insurance, fuel, license, flights, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – personal living expenses that do not fit into other salary categories (life Insurance, savings, vacation, cell phone, gifts, magazines & books, spending money, emergency situations (safety and/or medical), etc.)
  • Education – children’s education costs or adult education
  • Giving – for the missionary to be generous in giving money to others and church giving
  • Housing – includes payment/rent, utilities, internet, home/renters’ insurance, house maintenance, furniture/appliances, yard/grounds

Benefits 37%

  • Taxes – total amount for social security, federal income taxes
  • Retirement – for when we are unable to serve due to age
  • Insurance/Medical – healthcare while in Mexico and the U.S.A.

Ministry 19%:

  • Administration – any administration fees required by the Ethnos360 Home office or the field of service
  • Communication – communication expenses between missionary & donors
  • Equipment – computers, equipment, tools or other items needed to carry out ministry
  • Office/Workspace – expenses for office, classroom, or workshop operating costs
  • Team Expense -other ministry expenses that would affect the team as a whole, including church building costs, medical equipment/needs for the people, etc.
  • Travel – regular ministry travel that would NOT be considered normal daily commuting or regular travel, e.g. to a meeting, seminar or workshop
  • Legal – includes tax preparation, visas, etc.
  • Home Assignment – normal travel expenses, living expenses and accommodations, vehicle needs
  • Miscellaneous – ministry costs that do not fit into the other ministry categories (accommodations, promotional materials, professional certifications, etc.)

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