Catch the Vision

Did Jesus Die Five Years Ago?

-Story from Ron Yearwood, church planter in Africa with Ethnos360

Seni Camara was my cultural informant. He was like my village dad. Whenever I needed advice on what to know or do culturally, I went to him. When I prepared my lessons for the chronological teaching [teaching the Word from Creation to Christ], I told it to Seni first, and he gave me the words to say so that it could come out sounding like a native Tanda speaker. All the way through, Seni kept saying, “Wow, this message is so true.” As I continued teaching about the promised Redeemer, Seni would ask,

“Who is that Redeemer? Is it Muhammad?”

I would respond, “Let’s just wait and see.” After the lesson on Nicodemus and being born again, Seni said,

“I believe this message! Ron, how long ago did Jesus die?   Was it about 5 years ago?”

This startled me, so I asked, “Seni why did you say 5 years?”  He replied, “Well you came to our village about 4 years ago, so I assume that it was 5 years.”

I said, “Seni…it was about 2000 years ago.”

He looked at me in shock. His mouth fell open; his eyes welled up with tears, and overflowing with emotion, he said,

“2000 years! 2000 years!  All my parents and ancestors have died and gone and you all have only just come?  Ron, what took you all so long! You waited till we held Islam and it is very difficult for us to change.  Why did it take you so long?”

I did not have an answer for Seni.

Seni Camara recently crossed the border into Guinea Bissau to help take the Gospel to his birth village with us. A few years ago, as we headed home on furlough Seni came to give his farewell and appealed to us to take a message to our churches:

“Please tell your people that my people have not rejected the Gospel.  They have not rejected it.” Shaking his head, he said, “They have just never heard it. They have never heard it.”

Carry the VISION

Make it YOUR business to reach every life you can, in every way you can, for this important work of world evangelization.  There is no better time than NOW, for tomorrow you may be in Heaven.  Those YOU would have challenged will be idle still, and the heathen YOU were going to reach will still be on their way to Hell.

Start your day with believing prayer.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to prepare and empower you. Dig deeper into the Word of God – get out and witness to the lost – challenge the saved – write letters and pray when there’s no other way.

See to it that ALL available challenging material or other spiritual helps are provided for everyone you know.  PASS ON the message that God has used to awaken you to your responsibility.

Pray for your coworkers – for the missionaries – for unevangelized fields – for those in spiritual leadership – for more Christians who will catch a world vision.

Eat, Live, Drink, Sleep your job, for it’s the biggest business in the world.  If you have caught the vision, CARRY IT!  May it be so catching that those you reach will carry it to others who in turn will reach others also.

-Paul Fleming, Founder of Ethnos360

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