Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take you to learn the language?

Learning Spanish has taken an average of 2 years for the missionary who has gone through the program. After we learn Spanish, we will then begin learning Northern Tepehuan which an Uto-Aztecan indigenous language spoken by about 9,000 people. Our hope is that we can be fluent in Tepehuan within 3 to 4 years. 

What will your address be once moving to Mexico?

10101 Dellwood Dr. 
El Paso, TX 79924 

How often will you be back in the USA?

Our plan is to take a 6 month to 1 year furlough every 4 to 5 years. We will also be back in the United States as needed for visa renewal which we will do in El Paso, Texas.  

Why did we choose Mexico?

Growing up in Mexico and seeing the need for the gospel firsthand impacted JJ in a big way. During the first weeks of college, as JJ began pursuing a career in medicine, God got hold of his heart and reminded him that there is STILL so much work that needs to be done so that people have access to His Word, engage with His Word, know what His Word asks of them, and to walk in that revealed truth.

When Whitney visited Mexico for the first time in 2017, she experienced first hand that same need as well, and as we prayed for direction for our future ministry, God continued to grow our love for the people of Mexico and made it apparent that one day this would be our home.

There are about 63 language families in Mexico with at least 350 different dialects of languages representing in Mexico. Most if not all of these dialects need their own translation of Scripture for people to mature in Christ.  

When will you leave?

We hope to be ready by JULY 2023 though we trust the Lord’s timing if His time table is different. 

How long will you be in Mexico?

If the Lord permits, the rest of our lives. We will have periodic furloughs, but Mexico is where we plan to grow old. 

What will you be doing there?

Once in Chihuahua, we will begin learning the Spanish language and Mexican culture. This is the next step to reaching our goal of helping establish a maturing church among the Northern Tepehuan people. 

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