GREEN-Go or Gringo?

Yes and No.

Actually, there is very LITTLE green in the desert here in Northern Mexico. And what we have noticed is that a lot of the green is covered in not-so-nice thorns. There IS color here though: There are lots of different shades of tans and browns and a whole lot of SUN!

One green thing we DID experience without too much pain is the green light at the border as we entered the country. As we drove across the border it took me back to my childhood days when we played red light/green light. Green light meant you could walk (or run) to the person yelling out colors. Red light meant that you would have to stop walking (or running) and wait for the color caller to give you the go-ahead. It is very similar at the border. There are those (behind the scenes) who are controlling the red and green lights. If you are given a green light, the border patrol wave you on (or just allow you to go). If you get a red light then they stop you and let you go after they have looked through your items. Green lights are fun. Red lights test your patience.

And we got a green light! Thank you for praying! The green light at the border meant we could keep driving. smile JJ’s brother, sister-in-law, and their kids met us as the border, and we caravanned down to Chihuahua together (or at least that was the plan, haha).

Right after the green light, both of our families drove about 30 kilometers to where we got paperwork for Whitney and the van (JJ and the kids are dual citizens). When we got there, we noticed that there were already a lot of cars parked, and immediately we knew it was going to be quite the wait. It took long enough for Whitney to get her visa that the kids’ (and adults’?) patience was being tested. They were content for a bit playing in the shade and dirt but not for a couple more hours to wait on car paperwork. We made the decision that JJ’s brother and family would take all the kids in their big 15 passenger van and Whitney and I would stay in line to get our car paperwork. It worked out well and we were only an hour and a half behind them. We spent one night in the mission’s guesthouse and then on Monday the 10th we moved into our new home which we will be in for the next 6 months.


There is also another aspect of green in our lives. We feel very green. We are very green. We are encountering lots of new aspects to life. We feel very kindred to a baby learning what everything is and how to call things. Literally. Look below:

  • New country
  • New language
  • New house
  • New co-workers
  • New neighbors
  • New roads
  • New church
  • New schools
  • New friends
  • New places to shop
  • New places to play
  • New ways of greeting people (and it changes depending on who you are talking to, your relationship to that person, and the time of day)
  • New procedures on what the plumbing system can handle in their toilets
  • New ways to get gas in your vehicle (someone else pumps the gas for you as you stay in your car)

We are feeling A LITTLE green, and we expect to feel this way for at least a couple of months. Here is what the Bible says about being green:

“The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable, But the mouth of fools spouts folly.” (Proverbs 15:2)

“A fool does not delight in understanding, But only in revealing his own mind.” (Proverbs 18:2)

This is one of several reasons why we think it is important to learn the language and way of life of the people we are living with. We want to communicate God’s story accurately and in a manner in which the truths of God will hit home. We can only do this if we get to know them, see life from their perspective, and depend on the working of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom is wrapped up in communicating well. But in saying that, we feel so GREEN right now.


Come with Us to Mexico!


  • Praise the Lord we made it to Mexico! We are blown away by His care and provision up to this point. We are here because of Him, but He has included YOU in our journey! Your prayers and support are sustaining us. Thank you for ministering to us!

  • Pray as we settle down. After a season of constantly being on the go, we are looking forward to being rooted in one home for a little while. Although we might be experiencing some culture stress and culture shock, we know that time will be valuable in getting adjusted to life down here.
  • Pray for Whitney’s visa situation. She was able to get a 30 day visa, and we are working with a government representative to see if we can extend her visa for a longer time. If not, we will just have to go back up to the border in less than 30 days to get a renewal, but we would rather stay in country a bit longer to get used to life and ministry down here. There is a lot of different pieces that have to fall into place, and it never goes as smoothly as we wish.
  • Pray for our time between now and the first week of September. The week of July 24th we will begin one-on-one language sessions twice a week with a Spanish language speaker before more missionary units come down at which point our schedule will change a bit. We are really looking forward to getting this time with her and jumping into culture and language aquisition.
  • Pray the Lord brings some Mexican friends along our path to do life with and engage together with. There are opportunities to get to know people at church, at the Bible Institute, at the missionary training center just north of town, and around the neighborhood.
  • Pray for the Tepehuan who live in the city and those who live in the mountains. Pray for boldness for the believers and for opportunities to share. Pray for hearts to be prepared for the gospel. Also pray for essential food and water to be available to them.
  • Keep praying for people and churches to join us in what God is doing in Mexico. If you or someone you know might be interested in knowing more about us, please reach out. We would love to share our hearts with you and/or them. It is exciting to see God continue to provide for all our needs. We still need $1,000 of monthly financial partnerships to make it to our goal.
  • Please let us know how we can be praising the Lord with you and/or praying for you. Ministry is not about just a JJ and Whitney and family thing, we want to and need to hear from you too. We would be blessed by hearing from you!

Support While Green

Plants, especially when they are just babies, need support to keep them grounded. Often times a gardener will put sticks in the ground right next to the baby plant for support and stability.

With this imagery in mind, we want to say that God, the gardener of our lives, has been so faithful as He always is to not only bring us to where we are but to also give us the necessary support and stability we need. God is always doing this in many ways, and a lot of times this looks like His people caring for us. You know who you are! Thank you!

We have felt to loved by all you guys praying for us and joining with us in what God is doing. Thank you! Just to name a few supports that we have felt the past couple weeks:

  • Vacation Bible School at Grace Bible Church choosing us as their missionaries to sponsor (pictured above)
  • JJ’s brother and sister-in-law driving with us across the border and running errands with us around the city
  • Different missionaries providing meals for us the first week we were down here
  • A wonderful team of missionaries and government representatives helping us work on visas to be here
  • Dear friends giving their time, treasure, and talent to invest in God’s work that we get to be a small part in
  • Faithful prayer warriers going to battle for us as we fight this spiritual battle we are in

A Peak into Ministry NOW

Bird’s Eye View

We are in Chihuahua, Chihuahua as we learn Spanish and the Mexican culture. It takes most missionaries on average of one and a half to two years to become proficient in these areas. We are excited to have a mix of classroom and ‘life on life’ learning and are praying that we are faithful in this ministry. We are excited to start learning a new way of life here in Mexico and to fellowship with our Mexican church body and be witnesses of His light down here.

Our formal study will begin the first week of September. There are several other missionary units enroute to Mexico. We are expectantly awaiting their arrival so that we can start Spanish all ‘together.’ Also, our sweet daughter will start Kindergarten in mid August too, and we are excited to begin this next season on life where our kids will be in school.

We are excited to have JJ’s brother and his family in Chihuahua too. They are working with the Northern Tepehuan in Chihuahua city. We have enjoyed their presence, and the kids especially have loved cousin time. We are working out a plan to be involved in church with our Mexican brothers and sisters as well as with our Tepehuan brothers and sisters. We see the value in investing in relationships with both groups and could get really excited about being a part of both communities.

Again, THANK YOU fellow teammates!         

Our Current Monthly Need: $1,000 Monthly 

Click here if you want to help: Fund Our Ministry

We made it to Mexico!

Thank you for your faithful investment in our lives both individually and as a family. Thank you for your love, prayer, and support! 

It is a blessing to do life and ministry with you. It is a joy to live life with you even when we are miles apart!

In order to be 100% funded, we still need $1,000 in monthly support.  If the Lord is prodding at your heart at being a part in what He is doing through us, please reach out to us!

God has a unique way of providing all we need. We believe that every contribution counts: $10, $20, $50, $100 or $500 per month, we value each and every gift as it enables us to fulfill our calling.

We are amazed by the generosity of those who have partnered with us so far, and we are excited to see how the Lord will continue to provide through willing hearts. If you know of others who might share our passion for God’s work, please connect them with us.

Together, we can make a impact in advancing His kingdom. Thank you for considering how you can contribute to this incredible journey. Let’s join hands and make a difference for God’s glory! 

  June’s Lessons…Be Consistent, Give Grace

Moving is hard.

Moving takes a toll on the entire body.

Moving is exciting.

Moving is terrifying.

God has shown us (mostly through failure) that consistency is key to right living. We have seen the need to have consistency in the little things for our hearts (and our kids’) to be fixed in the right place. This past year as we have traveled we have found that a lack of consistency is hard on our hearts and emotions and affects everything we do and everyone we encounter. Throughout this season of transition we are realizing more how much His GRACE is needed. 

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