“I’m learning to obey my mommy and daddy.”

Prayer & Praises

  • Praising the Lord for how He is bringing people and churches onto our team! Our time in Ohio, Michigan, and around Missouri last month went really well! So many opportunities to talk AND listen to those He brought our way.
  • March 17-19 we will be in Springfield, MO and then from March 30-April 5 we will be sharing time in both Springfield and Branson, MO seeing friends and sharing about ministry in Mexico. Pray for our interactions with people that we can share God’s heart with them.
  • At the end of March my parents are taking a trailer full of our belongings to Mexico for us! We are so thankful and grateful for them to be doing this for us. By faith we tend to see our things in Chihuahua, Mexico the second week of July!
  • Pray for continued health as a family—physical strength to get done what we feel like we need to do and the spiritual health that we need to thrive as a family.

For us this past month, this obedience and display of love has come in the form of talking to people about the ministry He is leading us to in Mexico. We truly see it as ministry to walk into these open doors and share our hearts with people, and then after sharing with them, listen to them and see how we can love on them. God has been showing up in real unique ways and it has been so cool. As we continue to walk in this manner, we are being challenged with this concept of having this heart of love. God desires us to walk and learn from other followers of His Son, and we are experiencing His faithfulness in giving us these opportunities to choose to obey this conviction. As the old hymn says so well, “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.”

The other morning as I was sitting on the couch racking my brain with the different things I could write about, my two precious kids came out of their bedroom and walked up to me. Coco, our 4-year-old, jumped onto my lap and after a couple silent minutes and warm cuddles, I told her that we will be writing a letter to send to people who pray for us and give to us. I asked her if there was anything that she had been learning that she would like to share with those people (you guys) , and after a couple of seconds she said that quote above.

As I pondered what she said, it really was profound how those words seemed to wrap up what my mind was grasping at. Coco said it so well, and she said it so simply. We are learning what it looks like to obey our Daddy. While Coco is learning that one way to show love to her mommy and daddy is by submitting her will to do what they say, we are doing exactly that too. We find ourselves each day, each week, submitting ourselves to our heavenly Father and what He has in store for us. He wants us to choose to obey His still, small, voice out of a deep love and dependence on Him knowing that He cares for us and knows what is best for us. And that is exactly what we are looking to emulate for our kids. We want them to obey us because they see and know that we love them and want what is best for them. Oh, and trust us there are so many opportunities to ask for and give forgiveness. We don’t always give the best direction to our children; there are times when we lose our patience and our kids see it, but those are such good times where we are able to ask forgiveness and model for our little people what it means to be broken and vulnerable. The cool thing is that God always is faithful and true, and it is 100% our fault if we are not walking in accordance with His Word. Not so between two or three or four flawed humans, yet I think there is real value in working through-and-in parent/child relationships for the purpose of pointing each other to Christ and His love.

Last month we were all around the state of Michigan, back in our little house near Columbia,
MO, and then in Whitney’s hometown of the Hannibal MO area for the last part of the month. We loved seeing the many people we were able to see! Thank you for your prayer and support as we traveled those 3,500 plus miles! God is building His team around us, and we are so thankful for that.


Because of His love,
Arnold Family Ministry
JJ, Whitney, Coco & AJ

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