God is WORKING in our PAIN

 If you are like me, then it is hard to be flexible. How do we respond when plans change? Who are we when we get that phone call that we never saw coming? Where do we turn when we don’t see the reason for ALL THIS?

This past month our family has asked these questions. But God has shown up yet again. We have seen His loving kindness in so many ways these past few weeks while experiencing death and the suffering that comes along with it.

We see His kindness even in the fact that Whitney’s grandpa’s passing took place BEFORE we left for Mexico rather than happening when we were already down there. We are so thankful for this time that we had with Whitney’s family. We are experiencing His peace for where He has us, Who He has called us to be, and Where He is leading us.


  • Continued prayer for JJ’s vision and the healing process of Whitney’s immune system 
  • Our trip out West to Utah and Idaho in May (sharing/preaching in 3 churches in 3 weeks) 
  • For people and churches to join us in what God is doing in Mexico
  • We are waiting on the Mexican consulate in Kansas City to call us. The call will be to schedule an appointment so that the kids can get their Mexican passport! We would love to receive this call sooner rather than later
  • For us and Whitney’s family as we mourn the loss of her grandpa. Pray we can be witnesses to His love and grace and truth to our family in Hannibal during this time


We are truly passionate about reaching our goal and bringing God’s ministry to Mexico! As of May 1st we have only 70 days left until our move!  We are eagerly seeking financial partners who share our vision.

 By July 9th we are hoping to be 100% funded and we still need $2,400 in monthly support.  A common question we get asked is “What is your most common monthly gift?” That amount is between you and the Lord by what He lays on your heart. We believe that every contribution counts: $10, $20, $50, $100 or $500 per month, we value each and every gift as it enables us to fulfill our calling.

We are amazed by the generosity of those who have partnered with us so far, and we are excited to see how the Lord will continue to provide through willing hearts. If you know of others who might share our passion for God’s work, please connect them with us.

 Together, we can make a impact in advancing His kingdom. Thank you for considering how you can contribute to this incredible journey. Let’s join hands and make a difference for God’s glory!

  ETA to Chihuahua             July 9th !!!

We are planning to be in Mexico July 9th. By faith we have penciled this date in our calendar, knowing that our timeline is often different than His timetable. It has been SO neat to see God providing for us in SO many ways to see this date become a reality! In late March, JJ’s parents graciously took a trailer of our belongings to Chihuahua, Mexico. We are excited to see them again soon! 

 As part of planning in faith to be there in July, we have already reached out to the guest homes in both El Paso, Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico and have reserved rooms. And once we are in Mexico, our first BIG task will be searching for a house to rent for the time we are there learning the Mexican culture and Spanish! We will most likely stay in the guesthouse in Chihuahua while we do that

  Time with the Kids & FIRE

A HUGE part of our ministry is that of our sweet kids. They are doing well. They are excited about the adventure that awaits them in Mexico. They also LOVE this place we are staying at in MO! It provides PLENTY of space to run around outside and enjoy God’s creation like the geese and the fish in the pond out back. 

 The kiddos also love having friends over to play with them. Recently, one of those play times included a bon fire with a small group from Grace Bible Church. The fire was quite impressive. The impressive flames only lasted a short time in comparison to the conversations that we had and the different interactions God allowed. Thank you for coming out!

  May Travels

Traveling is a big part of what we are doing right now in ministry. With that said, we are on the move once again during the month of May! Follow this link to check out our calendar for dates, times, and locations of where we will be speaking. If you are in the area, we would love to see you!

We would love you to pray for us as we engage with God’s people, share with them about the needs in Mexico, and how we see God using us in Mexico to share His light.

 Also, as we all know, traveling does have a lot of different costs involved. If you would like to contribute to our ministry by helping out with gas and/or hotel fees, please contact us. We want to say thank you for helping us expand our team so that we can move to Mexico in July! 

  Mountains or City?

Once in Mexico, we will start studying Spanish in Chihuahua and start considering either the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains or a city for Tepehuan study and ministry.

Our long-term goal is to minister among the Tepehuan people who have their own language and culture. We believe that learning the language and culture of the host country, including Spanish and Mexican culture, is crucial. As we become fluent in Spanish, we trust that God will raise up a team, possibly even Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ, to join us in reaching the Tepehuan people. There are already other missionaries engaging with the Tepehuan people. 



In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the dynamic of indigenous communities. Many are now leaving their remote homes and moving to urban cities to find safer environments, stable employment, and opportunities for higher education. This is true for the Tepehuan people as well. We see this as an opportunity to meet them where they are, whether in the city or in the mountains.

JJ’s brother’s family is already ministering to over 500 to 1,000 Tepehuan people in the city of Chihuahua. We are considering partnering with them in this work.

However, we are also exploring ways to engage with the Tepehuan people who still live in remote areas of the mountains. 

Ultimately, our goal is to make God’s name known among the Tepehuan people, wherever they may be. We are seeking guidance and direction from the Lord as we consider our options. We trust that He will lead us to where we can best serve and support this community.

  April Lessons

God has given us opportunities to BE His light:

  • He has given us opportunities for discipleship
  • He gave us opportunities for evangelism
  • He enabled us to mourn with family in person and from a distance
  • He gives us daily opportunities to show His light and love to each other

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