Church Planting Process-Growing

God has been doing amazing things in the lives of the Tepehuan over the last few decades. The Tepehuan have been blessed by the lives of other missionaries who have shown them love, learned their culture and language, and taught them God’s Word. There IS an infant church established among the Tepehuan, but they are just that, infants who are still learning and figuring out what is entailed with this new life they have received through faith in Christ. Our job is not done; rather it is only ramping up. This baby church is just like a newborn: dependent and needing lots of tender love and care. We hope to continue the translation efforts supplying them with more of God’s Word, developing and teaching lessons to see them growing in their relationship with Christ, and disciple them in all areas of life. Our goal will be to continue to lay a strong foundation of truth. Over many years, through prayer, grace, relationships, and effective discipleship, we are hopeful and expectant that this church will continue toward maturity, which is our main goal.

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